A 1up
Blurb 1up mushroom 20090220-1-

A 1up Mushroom.

is an item that adds one more life. 2ups also exist but are hard to obtain. Most 1ups are green mushrooms. They are called 1up Mushrooms. Touching them adds one life. There are many ways you can get 1ups. In Super Mario Advance you could get 1ups by the bonus game, hitting multiple enemies using a Starman, or hitting 5 or more enemies with one vegetable. In Super Mario Sunshine some 1up Mushrooms were hidden as you must find them. In all Mario games you can get lots of 1ups by hitting lots of enemies using a Starman. Some blocks when hit give you 1up Mushrooms. Yoshi games also have 1ups. 1up Mushrooms are the only green mushrooms so they are easy to notice.Most 1ups don't exceed after you have too many lives.

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