1up Blast is a minigame in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.
1213273-1 up blast super-1-

Playing 1up Blast.

When you enter a Green Mushroom House, you'll play this game. The point of this game is to enter one of the four cannons, and hit as many of the moving 1up, 2up, and more balloons, as you can to earn 1ups. You only have on shot. If you fail, you get no 1ups, and must find some other way to get a 1up or 1up Mushroom. . When you enter a cannon it turns redt. Tilt the Wii Remote to aim, and press the 1 button (2 button if I'm wrong) to shoot yourself into the air, popping any of the balloons in your path. You must use timing and aiming in this game. One wrong move and its over. You'll lose the Mushroom House with not one 1up. Keep practicing hard, and maybe one day you'll leave with 3 or 4 1ups!

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