This is a picture of an Amprey in Deep-Dive Deep of Kirby's Epic Yarn.

Ampreys are enemies in Kirby's Epic Yarn. They are purple eel-like creatures who only appear in the level Deep-Dive Deep of Water Land. Ampreys have green fins and a green tail fin. They also have a blue dot design on them, as well as two yellow eyes. Ampreys do not attack Kirby or Prince Fluff on sight. Instead, they move around in a set pattern and direction. These enemies have Beads on their tail, which can be collected. However, coming in contact with any other part of an Amprey besides the tail will cause Kirby/Prince Fluff to take damage and lose beads. Ampreys are invincible enemies (they cannot be defeated), so they must be avoided if the player wishes to keep their collected Beads. The name Amprey may also be a pun on a "lamprey" which are underwater jawless fish that are somewhat eel-like and have sharp teeth and "ampere" which is a unit for electrical current. Ampreys do have electric powers so the pun may be correct. 

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