Astro Goomba-1-

An Astro Goomba.

Astro Goombas are enemies in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. They are one of the sub-species of Goombas that appear in the "Galaxy" (Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2) games along with Pumpkinhead Goombas. They are Goombas that wear protective helmets, which prevent them from being stomped on. Astro Goombas have yellow eyes which are visible in they helmet's "darkness". Unlike a Goomba, Astro Goombas may not have the fangs that other Goombas have, but that is not certain. You see it is difficult to tell if an Astro Goomba has fangs because you are in darkness, so it is hard to see them. To defeat an Astro Goomba, Mario must Spin to flip them over, then jump on their undersides. They are still, just as deadly as other Goombas, as by touching htme causes Mario to lose a wedge of health. This is only possible if Mario does not fall into a Black Hole. Astro Goombas also appear in Super Mario Galaxy 2. They act the same as in the previous game, but their eyes are bright and larger than before.

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