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Aura Storm is Lucario's Final Smash, a powerful beam attack. After saying "Watch the power of Aura!" Lucario flies to the top of the screen in the center of the stage, then holds his hands above his head begins storing aura energy. There seems to be three parts to this attack. The first is when Lucario flies up, which deals slight damage to those in the nearby vicinity and stuns them slightly which gives Lucario an open target for the attack (also, if used near a ledge and your opponent is on the edge of it, it can Meteor Smash). The second is to rack up damage by holding the character in the beam, the other is at the end where if the beam is still on someone, it sends them flying. The beam can then be controlled by tilting the control stick (or pad on the Wii Remote) left and right. When Lucario flies off, if it hits an opponent, they'll take 4% damage. It seems to look very similar to the move Hyper Beam that Deoxys uses when coming out of the Poké Ball or when Dialga and Palkia shoots a beam at the Spear Pillar stage. The beam's starting angle can be altered slightly prior to the firing of the attack while Lucario is readying its Aura Storm in the background. Also, the size of the beam depends on the size of Lucario. The move is one of the more difficult Final Smashes to use effectively, as characters like Kirby or Pit will be able to easily outrun the beam, while other characters can manage to dodge most of the attack depending on the stage. As Aura Storm is an Aura-based attack, it has greater power and knockback if Lucario has taken a good amount of damage. At 200%, it is a One-Hit KO against most characters. Any characters caught in the beam are held in place and can't DI out. However if the beam is angled away too far, they can break free.

Trophy Description

Lucario's Final Smash. After flying off the screen, Lucario reappears in its center. It then launches a powerful Aura attack against all foes within a certain distance. The key to this attack is the ability to change its angle--it's a must sweep slowly left and right to hit selected enemies multiple times. The last blow will send the victim flying away.


  • Many people have noticed that Lucario's final smash looks very similar to Goku's (the main character from the hit anime, Dragon Ball Z) signature move, the Kamehameha wave. Coincidentally, Lucario's voice actor in the Pokémon cartoon series prior to a contract expiration with 4Kids Entertainment is Sean Schemmel who also voices Goku in Dragon Ball Z.
  • "Aura Storm" is not an actual attack in the Pokémon series (therefore, it could possibly be a re-named Hyper Beam, as it looks similar to Deoxys' Hyper Beam)

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