800px-Booster Seat BMario-1-

Baby Mario in his Baby Booster.

The Baby Booster is a kart in Mario Kart Wii. It is a baby stroller with exhaust pipes and headlights in the front. There is a roof above the kart. The emblem is front and back of the kart. Only small characters can drive this vehicle.


  • Speed: Low
  • Weight: Low
  • Acceleration: High
  • Handling: Excellent
  • Drift: Medium
  • Off Road: High
  • Mini-Turbo: Very High

The Baby Booster is the slowest kart in the entire game. It has average drift, high acceleration, high off road, and high mini-turbo. It has the highest level of handling than any other kart. Due to its low weight, the Baby Booster is easy to get pushed around. The colors of the karts are different, depending on the character's main color.

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