Baron Brrr-1-

Baron Brrr.

Baron Brrr is a boss in Super Mario Galaxy. He is a giant Brrr Bit with a a jeweled crown similar to King Boo's. Baron Brrr's name comes from the word 'Brrr" meaning cold. Baron Brr appears in the level "The Frozen Peak of Baron Brrr" in the Freezeflame Galaxy. He is on an icy mountain peak hovering over a column of ice. When Mario reaches there, Baron Brrr begins shooting ice balls at him out of his crown. Mario must dodge the ice balls and go to the left side of the platform to get an Ice Flower. The other side has Coins. Using the Ice Flower makes Mario become Ice Mario. As Ice Mario he must run across the water to the front of Baron Brrr's platform. There he must Wall Jump to Baron Brrr's platform. Baron Brrr will start slamming the ground, creating ice waves that Mario can dodge by jumping. Mario must then Star Spin (spin) Baron Brrr while he is on the ground. After being hit, Baron Brrr becomes small and hard, and tries to escape from Mario. Mario must Star Spin him again to finish him off. Baron Brrr will then create an icy wave that sends Mario back to where he started at and Mario must repeat the process all over again. The third time (after being hit for the second time) Baron Brrr will call two Brrr Bits to help him. When he is defeated he releases a Power Star.

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