A Battins sits on a ceiling in Cool Cave of Kirby's Epic Yarn.

KEY Battins

A Battins has seen Kirby, therefore it unfolds its wings and goes after him.

Battins are enemies in Kirby's Epic Yarn. They are small, purple bat creatures who have a large yellow eye. They are very rare enemies, for they only appear in Cool Cave and Dark Manor. Battins' name is a pun on the word "bat" and "button". Anyway, at first, Battins can be seen resting peacefully on the ceilings. However, when Kirby is seen, they will unfold their wings, and try to fly into him. If they succeed in hitting Kirby, he will take damage and lose Beads, as with hitting any other enemy. However, Kirby can defeat these enemies using his yarn whip. Using the yarn whip, Kirby can wrap them up and use them as three homing projectiles when thrown. 

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