Battlerock Galaxy view

The Battlerock Galaxy, as seen from the Fountain.

The Battlerock Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. It is one of the large galaxies along with the Space Junk Galaxy, Toy Time Galaxy and Honeyhive Galaxy. It contains many floating, metallic saucers and planet-sized rocks with cannons. The inside of this planet contains many technical contraptions. Many robots and Bob-ombs that appear from Bob-omb Dispensers appear in this galaxy. This galaxy has an area where three Lumas are being held. Topmaniac is fought in this galaxy for the first time. To unlock this galaxy, get 12 Power Stars.


Starting Planets

Starting Planets9-1-

Mario on the Starting Planets.

These planets are a group of saucers next to each other. In the first mission,"Battlerock Barrage", there are five, blue Star Chips that Mario must collect to create Pull Stars leading to a Launch Star. The Launch Star takes the player to the Moving Saucer Planet. There is a Question Coin that will create several Coins when collected here. In the second mission, "Breaking into the Battlerock", there are barriers that must be destroyed by Bob-ombs that come out of dispensers. One barrier contains a Launch Star that takes the player to the Molecule Planet. In the third mission "Topmaniac and the Topman Tribe" Mario must ride some of the saucers to a Launch Star which takes the player to the Metal Bowl Planet. However, the saucer groups are in different places on Battlerock.

Moving Saucer Planet


Mario getting lots of Star Bits on the Moving Saucer Planet.

To get this planet to move, Mario must spin the screw on the saucer. This planet takes through an area filled with cannons and barriers. This planet also has some electric barriers on its side. Mario can collect a Question Coin to make Star Bits come out of two cannons. At the end of this planet, are Big Saucer Planets.

Big Saucer Planets


Mario getting a Bullet Bill to hit the cage on the Big Saucer Planets.

These are two, gigantic saucers each with cages that can only be broken by luring a Bullet Bill to collide into one. That means you must let a Bullet Bill follow you, and when you get near the cage, go behind it so that the Bullet Bill crashes into the cage. A Power Star is trapped inside one of the cages. During the seventh mission, Luigi is trapped, under one of the cages. There are poles near the cages during the mission, which makes it harder for the Bullet Bills to break the cage. When Luigi is rescued, he gives Mario a Green Power Star.

Molecule Planet

Molecule Planet-1-

Mario on the Molecule Planet.

This planet is shaped like a molecule. It has Incoming Chomps rolling all around it. There are Bob-ombs that will destroy a cage containing a Rainbow Star and a Luma. The Luma takes Mario to a spiky area, which has a Launch Star leading to the Battlerock Planet. There is also a Hungry Luma that when fed thirty Star Bits, transforms into the Garbage Planet leaving behind a Launch Star.

Battlerock Planet

Battlerock Planet-1-

Inside the Battlerock Planet.

This planet is a giant rock with metal inside it. Mario must use a Bob-omb to destroy the cage to the cannon. The player should then enter the cannon, and aim for the Luma then shoot to free it. It should take two to three hits (one if the player is experienced). When the Luma is freed, Mario can access the Launch Star to the Missile Planet.

Missile Planet

Missile Planet-1-

Mario on the Missile Planet.

The Missile Planet is shaped like a missile. Mario must bring a Bob-omb to the cannon on the other side of planet, while avoiding the electric barriers. Then Mario must enter the cannon and aim carefully past the moving, metal pieces so that he can reach the Power Star. If Mario misses, Mario will fall back on the planet.

Garbage Planet

Garbage Planet-1-

Mario on the Garbage Planet.

This planet is filled with trash. If Mario talks to the Gearmo on this planet, he will tell Mario that he wants the trash to be blown up. Mario must use the Bob-ombs that appear from Bob-omb Dispensers to blow up the trash within a time limit. If he succeeds, he will get a Power Star.

Metal Bowl Planet

Metal Bowl Planet-1-

Mario on the Metal Bowl Planet

This planet is a bowl made out of metal. Here, Mario must Spin a Spiky Topman into an electric barrier. This breaks the barrier, freeing a trapped Luma. The Luma transforms into the Gravity Planet leaving behind a Launch Star. There is also a pillar-like object that moves up and down constantly. If Mario rides atop this pillar, he can jump to receive a Life Mushroom.

Gravity Planet

Gravity Planet-1-

Mario on the Gravity Planet. Notice he is upsided down.

Mario should enter a Warp Pipe which takes them to an area where the gravity changes when you Spin some Gravity Arrows. Mario must go through a series of moving platforms before he finds a Warp Pipe leading to the Barrier Planet. Surprisingly, Firebars and Lava are found in this planet.

Barrier Planet

Barrier Planet-1-

Mario on the Barrier Planet near some Spiky Topmen.

This planet has a Sling Star, which takes Mario to an area with Spiky Topmen. Mario must Spin them into the barrier which disables the barrier itself. This takes Mario to a Launch Star that takes the player to the Topman Planet.

Topman Planet

Topman Planet-1-

Lumalee selling items for sale near Mario on the Topman Planet. Right where they are is near the battle with Topmaniac.

This planet is the planet where Topmaniac is fought. Electric barriers are all around it. Spiky Topmen and Micro Topmen are the enemies here (as well as Topmaniac). When Topmaniac is defeated, he releases a Power Star.


Battlerock Barrage

Mario begins on the Starting Planets, where his first task is to collect all 5 blue Star Chips on them. After Mario has collected all 5, a set of Pull Stars form a path leading to a Launch Star. Mario will land on the Moving Saucer Planet where he must jump on an enemy to reach a higher platform. The player must Spin a blue screw on this platform to make the saucer move. Mario must dodge the cannonballs and electric barriers as the platform moves. Mario can run on the underside for safety. When the platform stops, Mario can jump on the big saucer (he is now on the Big Saucer Planets) that contains the Power Star trapped in a cage. Mario must lure a Bullet Bill and let it crash into the cage to break it open and free the Power Star. Mario can then obtain it.


Planets Visited

  • Starting Planets
  • Moving Saucer Planet
  • Big Saucer Planet

Gallery for Battlerock Barrage

Breaking into the Battlerock

Mario begins this mission, once again, on the Starting Planet. One of the saucers has an endless supply of Bob-ombs, and another has a Launch Star trapped in a cage. Mario must throw the Bob-omb at the cage to free the Launch Star, then use it. Mario will land on the Molecule Planet which is infested with Incoming Chomps. It contains a Rainbow Star, a trapped Luma in a cage and a Bob-omb supply. The player must throw a Bob-omb at the Luma's cage to free it. It will transform into a Sling Star. The Sling Star sends Mario to a Launch Star, and the Launch Star sends Mario into a Pull Star minefield. The player must avoid the Mines while using the Pull Stars to reach the Launch Star. The next room contains cannons encased in glass on both ends and a Luma encased in glass while floating. Mario must use a Bob-omb to free the cannon. The player must then climb onto the cannon and aim at the glass chunk. The player must hit it two times to free the Luma. The Luma transforms into a Launch Star. The Launch Star sends Mario to a place with a Bob-omb supply and a cannon in a case. The player must free the cannon with a Bob-omb, then climb onto it. The Power Star is encircled by moving platforms so you must aim carefully, then shoot. You can then grab the Power Star.


Planets Visited

  • Starting Planets
  • Molecule Planet
  • Battlerock Planet
  • Missile Planet

Gallery for Breaking into the Battlerock

Topmaniac and the Topman Tribe

Mario lands on the Starting Planets this time surrounded by only two others. One platform has a Rocky Wrench with a Pull Star nearby. Mario must use the Pull Stars to reach another platform, then he shall use the Sling Star to reach a moving platform. The platform moves through a minefield. The player must dodge all the Mines and use the Launch Star at the end. The next platform contains a Luma trapped by an electric barrier and a Spiky Topman. Mario must Spin the Topman into the the electric barrier to free the Luma. The Luma transforms into a Launch Star which sends the player into some platforms, one which has a Warp Pipe. The Warp Pipe takes the player to the inside of the Gravity Planet. Mario must Spin the Gravity Arrow to reverse the gravity. Then he must go right while dodging Firebars, and carefully navigating the spinning platforms above the lava. Mario will have to Spin next to the arrow to reverse gravity again. Mario must then move right again. Do not stand on the moving platforms, because if Mario lands on the downwards gravity, he must redo the previous section. Mario must fall upwards through the gap, and run right while dodging the crushers. Next, Mario must bounce on the trampoline to reach a Warp Pipe, then bounce on another trampoline to reach a Sling Star. This sends Mario into an elevator, and he will end up in a room with an electric barrier and two Spiky Topmen. Mario must either ignore or defeat the Topmen and walk to the topside of the platform where Lumalee (who hosts the Luma Shop) and Topmaniac awaits. Mario must defeat Topmaniac to release a Power Star.


Planets Visited

  • Starting Planets
  • Metal Bowl Planet
  • Gravity Planet
  • Barrier Planet
  • Topman Planet

Gallery for Topmaniac and the Topman Tribe

Battlerock's Garbage Dump

This is a hidden Power Star in the "Breaking into the Battlerock" mission. Mario must proceed as normal, but when he reaches the Molecule Planet, he must not free the Luma. He must instead find the Hungry Luma and feed it thirty Star Bits. It willl transform into a Garbage Planet leaving behind a Launch Star. The Gearmo on this planet will challenge Mario to blow up all the trash using Bob-ombs within a time limit of thirty second. The Bob-ombs take 10 seconds to explode, so Mario must throw them where they can blow up three to four pieces of trash. The yellow circles mark the best places to throw the Bob-ombs. If Mario succeeds, he earns a Power Star.


Planets Visited

  • Starting Planet
  • Molecule Planet
  • Garbage Planet

Gallery for Battlerock's Garbage Dump

Topmaniac's Daredevil Run

This Power Star is accessible when a Daredevil Comet passes over this galaxy. Mario begins on the underside of the large platform with Topmaniac. Mario must defeat Topmaniac with one wedge of health. If he succeeds he will receive a Power Star.


Planets Visited

  • Topman Planet

Gallery for Topmaniac's Daredevil Run

Purple Coins on the Battlerock

Mario will begin on the Moving Saucer Planet. All 100 Purple Coins are located on the path the saucer takes. Mario must collect them all while dodging cannonballs and electric barriers. At the end of the path is a Gearmo. When Mario collects them all Purple Coins, he must talk to the Gearmo to receive his Power Star. If Mario does not collect all, he'll lose a life.


Planets Visited

  • Moving Saucer Planet
  • Big Saucer Planets

Gallery for Purple Coins on the Battlerock

Luigi under the Saucer

This Power Star is only accessible when Luigi sends a letter to Mario with a picture of the Battlerock Galaxy. When Mario reaches the saucer which normally contains the trapped Power Star it will not be there. Mario must walk underneath to notice that Luigi is trapped in a cage under the saucer. Mario must lure a Bullet Bill and let it collide into the cage containing Luigi. When Luigi is freed, he gives Mario a Green Power Star.


Planets Visited

  • Starting Planets
  • Moving Saucer Planet
  • Big Saucer Planets

Gallery for Luigi under the Saucer



  • The Battlerock Galaxy is one of the two galaxies to have seven Power Stars, the other being the Dusty Dune Galaxy.

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