Beach Bowl Galaxy-1-

The Beach Bowl Galaxy.

The Beach Bowl Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. It can be accessed from the dome, Kitchen . The largest planet in this galaxy is a beach area filled with Penguins. This galaxy can be unlocked by collecting 16 Power Stars.


Starting Planet-


Mario swimming with the Penguins on the Starting Planet.

Beach BowlGbg-1-

The Starting Planet view from above.

This planet is bowl-shaped. This is why the galaxy is called "Beach Bowl Galaxy". This planet is divided into two sections. The first section is mostly underwater, but has a few floating islands and underwater ruins. The second section has a shallow pool in the middle which is ringed with grassy knolls. The dividing line between the two sections is a very steep mountain with a waterfall falling out on the first side. There is also an underground cave that opens up to the second section. It is home to Swoopers and Goombas. The Starting Planet is home to the Penguin students and their Coach, as well as sea life such as Urchins and Gringills . In the back of this planet during the first mission, there is an area with a few Piranha Plants and Rainbow Notes. There is also a Secret Underground Cave which can be reached by launching a Green Shell into a cracked wall.

Waterfall Planet-

Waterfall Planet-1-

The Waterfall Planet. Isn't it beautiful?

This planet can be reached when a treasure chest is opened on the far side of the Starting Planet. However, you must use a Koopa Shell to open it. After it is opened a Launch Star appears and blasts you to this planet. This planet is filled with many waterfalls that can be Wall-Jumped via the Ice Flower. There are two Cataquacks on this planet, which can be used to obtain a Question Coin. This makes the Ice Flower appear. In an early image of the game, this planet can be seen in the Gusty Garden Galaxy.

Glacier Planet-

640px-IceSkatinginSMG 65-1-

The Glacier Planet.

This planet is almost exactly like the Starting Planet but is icy and freezing cold. It can be reached by finding a Launch Star while Wall-Jumping up the waterfalls of the Waterfall Planet. There is a giant body of water in the bowl that is filled with tiny icebergs. At the beginning of this planet, there is an Ice Flower enclosed in an Item Crystal. When you've transformed into Ice Mario, you can skate across the water and reach the icebergs. There is also a Cataquack here that can be used to collect Coins, Star Bits, and even a Power Star.

Cyclone Stone-

Beach BowlGbg2-1-

Cyclone Stone.

This planet is rather unusual and looks like it doesn't belong, but it is in the galaxy. It is the last planet to be reached. It can be reached by finding a Launch Star in the Secret Underground Cave. This planet is a twisted stone path that is filled with Thwomps and Tox Boxes. In the center is a large path of rushing water that leads to a Black Hole. At the end is a Power star enclosed in an Item Crystal. When a Fast Foe Comet is in orbit, the Thwomps and Tox Boxes move twice as fast.


Sunken Treasure-

The Penguin students are distracted by five Star Chips underwater. Mario must collect all of them to make a Launch Star appear. Upon using the Launch Star, blasts Mario to the upper part of the main planet (Starting Planet). Mario must Ground Pound the red switch here to activate some platforms. Mario must quickly backflip and Spin onto the platforms to reach the top of the planets. The player must Ground Pound a second red switch to activate some timed walls that Mario must Wall-Jump to the Power Star.


Planets Visited

  • Starting Planet

Gallery for Sunken Treasure

Passing the Swim Test-

Mario must talk to the Coach and he will tell Mario the final swim test is today. To pass the test Mario must obtain a Gold Shell and bring it back to him. The Gold Shell is in possession of a fast-moving Penguin underwater, so Mario must catch up to him and Spin to steal it from him. Mario must then bring it back to the Coach for the Power Star.


Planets Visited

  • Starting Planet

Gallery for Passing the Swim Test

The Secret Undersea Cavern-

To enter this secret undersea cave, Mario must dive underwater, grab a Koopa Shell, and toss it at the cracked walls that line the ocean. He must then swim through the cavern to reach land on the other side. Here, Mario must break all the Crates in the fence and the crates on the other side to reveal a Launch Star. This star blasts Mario to Cyclone Stone. Here is filled with two dangerous enemies (Thwomps and Tox Boxes) that can kill Mario if they crush him. Mario must dodge all of them to reach the end of the stone path. Here, Mario can obtain his Power Star.


Planets Visited

  • Starting Planet
  • Cyclone Stone

Gallery for The Secret Undersea Cavern

Fast Foes on the Cyclone Stone-

This Power Star can be obtained once the Fast Foe Comet is in orbit of the Beach Bowl Galaxy. Mario begins the level on Cyclone Stone that was encountered in "The Secret Undersea Cavern". Like before, he must reach the Power Star, however, the Thwomps and Tox Boxes move much more quickly.


Planets Visited

  • Cyclone Stone

Beachcombing for Purple Coins-

This Power Star can be obtained once the Purple Comet is in orbit of the Beach Bowl Galaxy. Here, Mario must collect 100 Purple Coins that are scattered across the main planet. Only five of them are located in the sea. The rest are scattered on landmasses. There is a Spring Mushroom located behind the waterfall that can help Mario collect some Purple Coins. This Purple Coin mission has no time limit.


Planets Visited

  • Starting Planet

Gallery for Beachcombing for Purple Coins

Wall Jumping Up Waterfalls-

This Power Star can be obtained from both "The Secret Undersea Cavern" and "Passing the Swim Test". Mario must grab a Koopa Shell and break the treasure chest located to the right of the waterfall (when facing the main landmass) revealing a Launch Star. After using the Launch Star, Mario will land on the Waterfall Planet. Here are many waterfalls, a Question Coin, and a Cataquack. Mario must lure a Cataquack under the Question Coin to collect it. This makes an Ice Flower appear. After obtaining the Ice Flower and becoming Ice Mario, Mario must Wall-Jump up the waterfalls. The Power Star floats high above the Glacier Planet. A small island contains a Cataquack. Mario must grab the Ice Flower in the Item Crystal, head to the Cataquack's island, and then create an icy bridge to allow the Cataquack to reach the island with the Power Star. However, the moving icebergs can break the icy bridge you've made, wasting your time. You must watch the icebergs before creating the bridge. The Cataquack can then launch Mario to the Power Star (after it crosses the icy bridge you've made) completing the mission.


Planets Visited

  • Starting Planet
  • Waterfall Planet
  • Glacier Planet

Gallery for Wall-Jumping Up Waterfalls


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