The outside of the Bedroom.


The inside of the Bedroom.

The Bedroom is a Dome on the Comet Observatory in Super Mario Galaxy. It is the fourth Dome to be accessed in the game and can be unlocked once the Grand Star has been acquired in Bowser Jr.'s Airship Armada, which is located in the Kitchen. The Bedroom can be found next to the Library near the front of the Comet Observatory. The Bedroom has purple walls and a curtain that hangs outside. Inside the dome, there is a purple starry wallpaper, some curtains, and a large canopy bed. Polari will be inside here once Mario/Luigi enter the Dome. This Dome is the first Dome to have three major galaxies instead of two. Much like with any other Dome on the Comet Observatory, there is a Pull Star above the center of the inside of the Bedroom, which can be used to access the galaxies within the Dome. The Bedroom and the Engine Room are the only domes with three main galaxies and a boss galaxy. However, since the Dusty Dune Galaxy has an extra Green Power Star, the Bedroom outnumbers the Engine Room by 1 Power Star, making it the Dome with the most Power Stars in the game. Once The Gate is unlocked, the player can go back to the Gateway Galaxy and use the Red Star there to complete a Purple Coin mission. After completing this mission and collecting the second and final Power Star in the Gateway Galaxy, the Red Star will be found in a box that can be destroyed with a Spin (in a similar matter to the Item Crystals; these boxes also hold other Power-Ups such as Bee Mushrooms) on top of the Bedroom. The box can be reached with a jump and Spin or a Triple Jump



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