SMG 2 Bee Trap

A Bee Trap found in the Honeybloom Galaxy.

Bee Traps, also known as Venus Flower Traps, are enemies in Super Mario Galaxy 2. They resemble flowers with green bottoms, purple petals and a yellow center. They have two green propellers on their bottoms, allowing them to float. Bee Traps only appear in the Honeyhop Galaxy, and Honeybloom Galaxy. Hence the name, if Mario or Luigi using the Bee Mushroom flies onto these, they will soon shortly be devoured by the plant, causing them to lose a wedge of health from their Health Meter. They will then be spat back out and the Bee Trap will open up again. When devouring the player, Bee Traps look incredibly similar to Piranha Plants. Using these enemies as platforms is not recommended. 


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