A Super Dry Bones nearing Mario in World 7's Castle.

Big Dry Bones (formerly known as Super Dry Bones) are enemies in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. As the name suggests, they are giant Dry Bones. Big Dry Bones are everything like their smaller cousins (Dry Bones), however, their voice is deeper and they are rarer than Dry Bones. Big Dry Bones appear in World 6's Castle and World 7's Castle. One Big Dry Bones is near the end of World 6's Castle, however, several Big Dry Bones are in World 7's Castle. Because, they are large it puts the player more at risk of losing a form/dying. Touching these enemies, makes the player lose a form or die at small form. When a Big Dry Bones is stepped on or hit by a Spiked Ball in World 6's Castle, like Dry Bones, it collapses, but the noise heard when it collapses is deeper than that of a Dry Bones. Big Dry Bones can be frozen. The player must then Ground Pound the ice block they're in to defeat them for good. However, the ice block it is in, thaws very quickly, so the player must be quick.


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