A Big Primid preparing to fight.

A Big Primid is, of course, a bigger Primid than a normal Primid in The Subspace Emissary. They use the same moves as a normal Primid, but have more health and are stronger. Big Primids are rare primids, appearing in The Wilds (Part 1), Research Facility (Part 2), The Canyon, Subspace Bomb Factory (Part 1), Entrance to Subspace, Subspace (Part 1), and The Battlefield Fortress, The Path to the Ruins, and the Research Facility parts of The Great Maze. Big Primids seem to stomp a lot when they haven't yet seen you or if you got Koed. Also, like normal Primids, they make a sound when you got Koed in their eye. Big Primids have a lot of health, even on easy, like the Greap, Nagagog, Roturret, Shellpod, etc. However on easy a smash attack can weaken it. On intense a few smash attacks will weaken it. Get a Trophy Stand from a defeated enemy. Quickly weaken the Big Primid, and before you get hit by it, throw the trophy stand. A Big Primid's trophy shows a normal and big Primid.


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