Waluigi on his Standard Bike L.

The Bike is a new option in Mario Kart Wii. Instead of driving just Karts, players are able to drive Bikes. Bikes are motorcycles, or dirt bikes that can be used for racing. Bikes come in three sizes, some smaller or larger than others due to their size. The Standard Bike S is for small characters. The Standard Bike M is for medium characters. The Standard Bike L is for large characters. The color of bikes matches the character chosen's color. Bikes have the characters emblem on the front and sides of them. Bikes are very different from Karts. They are able to do wheelies (shake the Wii Wheel). However, it slows you down, and you must try to accelerate again. The Standard Bikes are characters main bike. Here are the other available bikes (some are unlockables).

Other Bikes-

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