Billy Hatcher is a boy in the human world who was chosen to save Morning Land when he protected a chick from a crow in Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg.

The Giant Egg

One day, Billy saw a chick being attacked by a crow, so he got a stick and beat up the crow. The chick teleported Billy, Rolly Roll, Chick Poacher, and Bantam Scrambled to Morning Land to find all the Chicken Elders, get 'Emblems of Courage's, and beat a evil crow leader named Dark Raven. After Billy Hatcher beaten Dark Raven, all the sunlight was back in Morning Land. When the Billy and his friends were done celebrating, they returned their chicken suits and went back to their home.

Rolling and Crushing

Billy Hatcher returned in PS2's Sega Superstars. His game mode is that he had to use an egg to crush enemies and collect fruits when he's getting to the goal.

Zero Gravity

Once again, Billy Hatcher appeared again with Sonic and his friends in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity as a replacement for AiAi in Sonic Riders. Billy is a power type and have to unlocked by completing both Sonic's and Babylon's Missions.

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