A Black Hole to the left of the mansion.

Black Holes are dangerous obstacles in Super Mario Galaxy or Super Mario Galaxy 2. They are black and red holes which suck anything that falls into them. They replace bottomless pits in other Mario games such as New Super Mario Bros. Wii. If Mario or Luigi fall off ledges, or if they miss their target when using the Sling Pod (if one is present), they are sent spiraling into one. You will lose a life while being sent back to Comet Observatory. In areas where Black Holes are not present, if players fall off the ledge, they will fall into Space and lose a life. Black Holes can be large or small, depending on the location. In Bowser's Galaxy Reactor, after Bowser is defeated, his sun becomes a Black Hole sucking up everything- Mario, Peach, Bowser's castle, Peach's Castle, and even the Comet Observatory. The fleet is destroyed while Marios's companion, Baby Luma jumps in. Other Lumas stop it from doing any more damage.


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