Block Plaza-1-

Block Plaza.

Block Plaza2-1-

Wario battling in Block Plaza.

Block Plaza is a battle course in Mario Kart Wii, nearly made entirely of blocks. There are 4 character statues in the course. The Mario statue is on the red block. The Luigi statue is on the green block. Oddly, the Peach statue is on the blue block. The Daisy statue is on the yellow block. There is a large purple block in the center. There are 4 giant cubes that let the player get from one side to the other around the purple block. It is like a round-a-bout. There are smaller blocks, but those ones are there to decorate the plaza. As time passes, the blocks will fall through the ground, leaving bottomless pits. Falling into the pits makes you lose Coins, items, or a Balloon (or both if you had an item and a balloon/coin and fell). There are decorations from Super Mario Bros. decorating the walls. When playing as a Mii, the characters' heads are replaced with the Miis' heads. The Peach and Daisy statues become female Miis' heads. The Mario and Luigi statues are replaced with male Miis' heads.

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