Blooper babies

This picture shows a sprite of a Blooper Nanny with two Baby Bloopers surrounding it.

Blooper Nanny NSMB Wii

A Blooper Nanny appears near Mario and his crew in World 4-4.

Blooper Nannies are enemies in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. They are a female sub-species of Bloopers. Blooper Nannies look exactly like normal Bloopers, however, they are always followed by Baby Bloopers. Blooper Nannies only appear in World 4-4, where a total of two (or three) appear in the entire level (Bloopers took over everything else sadly). In this level, Blooper Nannies first appear hiding, like regular Bloopers, however, when Mario and his crew (Luigi, Blue Toad and Yellow Toad) get nearby, they pop out with four Baby Bloopers behind them and perform the same move as regular Bloopers (perform a spinning dance slowly towards Mario and his crew, with the Baby Bloopers doing the same move and following behind). However, there is one move that Blooper Nannies have different from regular Bloopers. After two "spinning dances" towards the heroes, they will stop and release all four of their Baby Bloopers in four different directions, making it harder to swim (due to the fact the players must dodge the Baby Bloopers to avoid taking damage from them). If Mario (or one of his crew members) touch a Blooper Nanny, they will lose a form or die at small form. Blooper Nannies are just as weak as Bloopers. A Fireball from Fire Mario (after obtaining the Fire Flower) can take them out. Also, if one touches a Blooper Nanny while under the effects of a Starman, the enemy will as be defeated. Surprisingly, if a Blooper Nanny is defeated, all Baby Bloopers are defeated as well. Blooper Nannies can be frozen, most likely, but it isn't very useful and helpful to freeze them.

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