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Mario near a Blue Coin in Super Mario Sunshine.

Blue Coins are a type of Coin, that appear in various Mario games. It's latest appearance was in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Just like how the Red Coin appears from a Red Ring, the Blue Coin appears only throughout the use of a P-Switch. By jumping on the switch, causes a number of Blue Coins to appear. Mario (or Luigi, Blue Toad and Yellow Toad) can use his moves, Power Ups and items to collect them. However, the Blue Coin does not give a reward for collecting all, except an audience cheer, unlike the Red Coin. Blue Coins are probably the fourth most common Coin in the game, after Coin, Star Coin, and Red Coin. Blue Coins change their looks throughout games. This Blue Coin in the picture, is in Super Mario Sunshine. In other games, like Super Mario Sunshine, Blue Coins were hidden. They took skills and moves to collect.


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