Lava Bouncer

A Lava Bouncer, as it appears in Super Mario Galaxy.

Blue Lava Bubbles, also known as Lava Bouncers or Blue Podoboos, are enemies in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. They are a blue sub-species of Podoboos. They first appear in the Good Egg Galaxy. They are summoned by King Kaliente on the Magma Planet. They will simply bounce around, making defeating King Kaliente and avoiding them more difficult. This is because, the player must watch out for King Kaliente's Fireballs and wait for him to shoot Coconuts. However, they must also avoid the Blue Lava Bubbles bouncing around the planet. If Mario/Luigi come in contact with a Blue Lava Bubble, they will be burned and react as if they have touched Lava itself (jump and run around uncontrollable for a few seconds). They also appear when fighting King Kaliente in Bowser Jr.'s Lava Reactor, however, some do appear bouncing around before the boss shows up. Last, but not least, Blue Lava Bubbles appear in the Melty Molten Galaxy. Some guard a Silver Star in Burning Tide and others guard Star Chips in Through the Meteor Storm. Blue Lava Bubbles appear in the Boss Blitz Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2, once again aiding King Kaliente during his battle. When he is defeated, all Blue Lava Bubbles will disappear. 


  • Blue Lava Bubbles greatly resemble Brrr Bits, however, Brrr Bits are made of ice and attack using ice. Blue Lava Bubbles are fire enemies with a blue color. Their resemblance to Podoboos is much larger than with Brrr Bits, however. 


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