Board Game Island is one of the games in Wii Party.

You have to play a minigame for position. You can win a gold die (1st place), a silver die (2nd place), a bronze die (3rd place), and if you come in last place (4th place), you will only get one die, so be careful. Each die has different numbers on them. A gold die has numberss 1-6 on it.A silver die has numbers 1-3 on it.A bronze die has numbers 1 and 2 on it. Also, if you come in last place (4th place), your one dice is just 1-6 but no other die. Doubles only work when you have a pair of dice, but doubles will earn the player an extra die to play with.

Also, there's gates along the way to the top of the mountain. All the gates are a gate that you have to roll at least a 4 to advance farther on the mountain,and if you get a 1, 2 or 3, then the gate shoots a fireball back at you,knocking you back a little. A gate that you have to pick boxes or barrels to get across the pond. If you don't pick the right one, you will be all wet, and if you get all wet, you don't move the number of spaces.

A gate that you have to roll at least a 3 to avoid the volcano. If you get a 1 or 2, the wall behind you is gonna push you into the volcano, and when you get out of the volcano, you could go back to where you were, or go all the way back on the map, so be careful. A gate that you have to roll at least a 5 to advance, if you get a 1-4, the statue will throw up a spike ball and the people who have passed the 4th challenge will run back 11 spaces to not get hit by the spike ball. The spike ball will fall where the 4th challenge is. Then the spike ball goes back to its original place and the number to pass decreases by 1. (It can even be 2).

At the very top of the mountain there's a gate that you have to roll a 6 to win the game, if you get a 5 or below, the game will let you use an extra die the next time you try to do it, I don't think the player that placed 4th is gonna get a chance with a pair of dice.

Like in every other party game in Wii party, players that got a tie in a minigame will have to roll dice to see who got the highest number on the dice. Near the end of the game, the player in last place is gonna pick the minigame's that everyone else is gonna have to play.

At the end of the game, the winner of the game is gonna get a bunch of treasure with a crowd cheering him/her on, and then the game will show what places players came in, along with the number of spaces on the board players still had to go. It would probably be more fun with another player, because this game is 1 to 4 players.

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