Gil Board.

Bill Board-1-

Bill Board.


Phil Board.


Jill Board.

Boards are obstacles in Super Mario Galaxy. They are signposts that are capable of speech. There are 4 types of Boards- Gil Board, Bill Board, Phil Board and Jill Board. When Mario meets them, they teach him how to perform an action. Boards are seen in multiple places, but it is unknown if they transport themselves. Boards also appear in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Gil Board-

Gil Board is the first board to be met. He teaches Mario how to Wall Jump. He claims himself as the "Famous Gil Board" and also claims Mario knows him. This saying is false because Gil Board only and first appearance is in Super Mario Galaxy! Gil Board appears in the Honeyhive Galaxy.

Bill Board-

Bill Board is the second board encountered. He teaches Mario how to play the Star Roll. Bill Board appears in the Rolling Green Galaxy, Melty Molten Galaxy and the Rolling Gizmo Galaxy. Bill Board also appears in the celebration of the Grand Finale Galaxy. Here he claims he lives in a nice world, and would be enjoying it more if he wasn't a board. Bill Board also appears in Super Mario Galaxy 2 in the Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy, once again, teaching Mario how to play the Star Roll.

Phil Board-

Phil Board is the third board to be met. He teaches Mario how to move when Mario is in a Bubble. Phil Board appears in the Bubble Breeze Galaxy and the Bubble Blast Galaxy.

Jill Board-

Jill Board is the last board encountered and is also the only female board. She reminds Mario how to how to control his Boo Mario form after Mario uses the Boo Mushroom. Her only appearances are in the Boo's Boneyard Galaxy and the Ghostly Galaxy. Jill Board only speaks to Mario when Mario is in his Boo form. There is said to be more than one Jill Board so that Boos can see what's happening in the galaxy.

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