This is the artwork of a Bob-omb Dispenser in Super Mario Galaxy.

Bob-omb Dispenser

Mario nears a Bob-omb Dispenser in the Battlerock Galaxy of Super Mario Galaxy.

Bob-omb Dispensers are obstacles in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. They are small, square-shaped, black plates with four holes: one at each corner. Their center is decorated with a raised, semi-circular hatch that resembles the front of a Bob-omb. They mostly appear in industrial themed galaxies, such as the Battlerock GalaxyDreadnought Galaxy and Space Storm Galaxy. When Mario/Luigi nears them, they will immediately release a Bob-omb, which may or may not be moving. The ones that cannot move are more likely to be released than the ones that can move. Bob-omb Dispensers only release one Bob-omb at a time and will not release another Bob-omb until the released Bob-omb is disposed of (defeated, or explodes). Bob-omb Dispensers are often found nearby cages that can only be destroyed by throwing a Bob-omb at them and waiting for it to explode. These cages will block Mario/Luigi's path until they are destroyed, so the player will be unable to proceed unless the cage is destroyed. Bob-omb Dispensers also appear in the minigame, Bob-omb Blasting, where Mario/Luigi must throw Bob-ombs at all garbage piles within a certain time limit. 

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