A Bomb Boo.

A Bomb Boo is an enemy in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. It is an explosive black-colored Boo that appears alongside Bouldergeist. Bomb Boos only made appearances in the Ghostly Galaxy, of Super Mario Galaxy, during the missions "Beware of Bouldergeist" and "Bouldergeist Daredevil Run". In Super Mario Galaxy 2, they appear in the Boss Blitz Galaxy during the missions "Throwback Throwdown" and "Throwback Throwback Speed Run". Bomb Boos float lazily and explode after a certain time. They do, however, follow Mario or Luigi. If the player Spins near one. he would grab the Bomb Boo's tongue and start spinning it around and around (similar to Mario or Luigi's Grab and throw in Super Smash Bros. Brawl). The player would continue spinning the Bomb Boo until it hits something, or if the player's grab weakens. If you hold it for too long, the Bomb Boo will flash red. If you don't let go, it would explode and you would take damage. To defeat Bouldergeist, you must Spin a flashing Bomb Boo and throw it at Bouldergeist. Continue doing this until Bouldergeist is defeated. Because Bouldergeist appears in Super Mario Galaxy 2, Bomb Boos appear in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

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