A Bomp in Super Mario Galaxy.


A Bomp in the Throwback Galaxy of Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Bomps (formerly known as Sliding Stones and Pushy Walls) are enemies in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. They are stone blocks with faces. Their cheeks are very fat. Bomps are a sub-species of Thwomps and therefore resemble them. Bomps move back and forth, pushing anything in their way. If a Bomp pushes you, you are at risk of falling to your doom. Like Thwomps, Bomps cannot be defeated. In Super Mario Galaxy, Bomps appear in the Buoy Base Galaxy. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, Bomps appear in Fluffy Bluff Galaxy and the Throwback Galaxy. In the Fluffy Bluff Galaxy, Bomps can aid Mario or Luigi in climbing the slope where they are located, but they serve more as a dangerous obstacle in the Throwback Galaxy.

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