Fire Mario, Luigi, and Blue Toad riding the Bonecoaster.

The Bonecoaster is an aid in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. They are rideable dead (or dry) snakes that Mario and the gang can ride across the lava pit. They only appear in World 8-7 of World 8. However, this level that Bonecoasters are in, only appears when the player finds the exit in World 8-2. Bonecoasters also appear in multiplayer mode. Bonecoasters are very useful in World 8-7 since they help Mario and the gang collect Star Coins, and prevent them from falling into the lava. However, since you are on the Bonecoaster does not mean that you can stay still and relax. This is because the Bonecoaster goes pass lava geysers, and even goes into the lava itself, so you will still have to keep jumping to avoid these hazards. Bonecoasters are very strong, as they can hold Mario, Luigi and both Toads on it. However, if all characters perform a Ground Pound at the same time, while on the Bonecoaster, the coaster will fall into the lava. That means you and all the other players will fall into the lava and die. Bonecoasters are harmless towards players.

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