Bonefin Galaxy-1-

The Bonefin Galaxy.

The Bonefin Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. It is a large body of water with a solid core. This galaxy has a large, spiky shell surrounding most of it. The Bonefin Galaxy is home to Kingfin, who you must defeat to earn the Power Star. To unlock this galaxy get 55 Power Stars, and complete the Drip Drop Galaxy. This galaxy is the only bonus galaxy, where you must defeat a boss.


Kingfin Planet-

A large planet with a very large body of water. It is surrounded by a spiky shell. Kingfin and his soldiers live here. There is a 1up Mushroom inside a glowing, green treasure chest and a Life Mushroom hidden in some rocks.

Kingfin Planet-1-

The Kingfin Planet.


When Mario enters the galaxy, he lands on a green Starshroom near the Kingfin planet. Several Star Bits are on its underside. A Launch Star on top of the Starshroom, will take the player to the Kingfin planet.


Kingfin's Fearsome Waters-


Battling Kingfin in the Bonefin Galaxy.

In the first and only level you must battle Kingfin. To defeat the boss, throw Koopa Shells at him. After Kingfin takes one hit, robotic fish are summoned to home in on Mario. Once Kingfin has been hit five times, he crumbles, dies, and releases a Power Star.

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