This is a picture of all three types of Bonus Stars, as they appear in Kirby's Epic Yarn.

Bonus Stars are items in Kirby's Epic Yarn. They appear in every non-boss level in the game. Bonus Stars appear as circles with stars and a yellow bell with a red ribbon on them. The first Bonus Star is light pink with two stars on it. The second Bonus Star is hot pink with three stars on it and the third and final Bonus star is red with 5 stars on it. Bonus Stars are hidden in every non-boss level of the game. They appear in the order shown in the picture above (light pink, hot pink, and then red). Even though it may seem as though they are not necessarily needed to be collected and can be avoided, Bonus Stars have a lot to do with the Bonus Bell Wheel at the end. The Bonus Bell Wheel starts off empty, however, as each Bonus Star is collected in the level, that Bonus Star will fill up at least two slots in the wheel. Therefore, if all Bonus Stars are collected, all slots will be filled, while if none are collected, the wheel will be empty and gray when found. When Kirby/Prince Fluff grab the wheel, they will be awarded 100 Beads if the pointer on the wheel lands on a slot filled by a Bonus Star. 

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