Brawlemissary primid boom-1-

A Boom Primid preparing to throw its boomerang.


A Boom Primid looking behind it.

A Boom Primid is an enemy in The Subspace Emissary. It is a Primid with a boomerang. Boom Primids appear in Midair Stadium, Skyworld, Sea of Clouds, The Plain, The Ruined Zoo, The Forest, The Path to the Ruins, The Wilds, The Swamp, The Glacial Peak, The Canyon, Entrance to Subspace, and The Forest parts of The Great Maze. If they spot you from afar they throw the boomerang at you. If you are close to it, it will hit you with the boomerang. The boomerang functions as a normal boomerang and sword so be careful! Boom Primids are stationary and don't move from their spot. If you avoid them and run off they won't follow you. Boom Primids can throw the boomerang upwards too. Boom Primids don't have as much health as a Big Primid, Sword Primid or Metal Primid. It can be captured without weakening even on intense. Like a Sword Primid you must throw the Trophy Stand from far. Just make sure you succeed.

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