A Bopapodamus in a Forest level.

Dk 186-1-

4 Bopapodami in a Forest level.

Bopapodami are "enemies" in Donkey Kong Country Returns. They only appear in the Forest (Donkey Kong Country Returns) in very few levels. Bopapodami are large hippopotamuses that cling onto a wooden burnt-like log. They always have a happy expression on their face. They act as minor obstacles that the Kongs (Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong) must jump on in order to get through gaps the Kongs can't jump across. However, the Kongs must be careful since they can only jump on a Bopapodamus four times before it faints and falls into the abyss carrying the Kongs with it. Each time a Bopapodamus is jumped on it lowers a little. If the Kongs do not make direct contact with the Bopapodamus' head, it will simply swat them away, causing them to fall into the abyss and lose a life.


  • While the Bopapodamus is considered an enemy, it can also be an Animal Buddy, for it helps the Kongs cross large gaps. However, the Bopapodamus can hurt the Kongs if they jump below its head.

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