Boss Battles as seen from Stadium Mode.

Boss Battles Mode is one of the minigames in Stadium Mode, of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It is very similar to All-Star Mode only shorter and more complicated. You must defeat all 10 enemy bosses in The Subspace Emissary and Classic Mode. 8 are from The Subspace Emissary, while 2 are from Classic Mode. The game randomly chooses a boss to start with and Tabuu is always last. A window shows the next boss in line. Boss Battles is more difficult since using a Continue does not exist, unlike All-Star Mode. If you get Koed you are sent to the Game Over Screen and must start over. Three Heart Containers are there.They do not appear once all 3 have been used. It is best to use them after every 3 bosses, but if you think one such as Porky Minch, Duon, or Rayquaza will give you high Damage then use them for those bosses. Every time you defeat three bosses (like in All-Star Mode) you get a rare trophy. It is best to don't just give a bunch of attacks, but pick the perfect time to hit the boss with a smash attack or other powerful attacks. Dodge, shield, roll, and attack your way through. Like in All-Star Mode defeated bosses appear as trophies in the background when in the rest area, although they aren't stored in your trophy gallery. If you get Koed in 8 unlockables that can be obtained through Boss Battles are here. Only Boss Battles, Giga Bowser (Melee) and Final Destination (Melee) songs play during battles. They cannot be broken with Golden Hammers except in the PAL version.

Subspace Bomb- Complete Boss Battles on Easy difficulty.

Shadow Bugs- Complete Boss Battles on Normal difficulty.

Dark Cannon- Complete Boss Battles on Hard difficulty.

Pig King Statue- Complete Boss Battles on Very Hard difficulty.

Galleom (Tank Form)- Complete Boss Battles on Intense difficulty.

Subspace Gunship- Complete Boss Battles with 10 different characters.

Jyk- Complete Boss Battles with 20 different characters.

Tabuu (Wings)- Complete Boss Battles with all characters.

Difference between Easy and Intense

-Bosses attack faster

-Bosses attacks have more knockback

-Tabuu's Golden Bracket move is a One-hit KO on Very Hard and Intense

-Bosses take longer to defeat

-Your Damage percentage increases through attacks


-Tabuu's Off Waves don't instantly KO you on Easy, Normal and Hard difficulties.

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