Bowser's Galaxy Generator

Bowser's Galaxy Generator.

Bowser's Galaxy Generator is the sixth and final boss galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2 (even though the Grandmaster Galaxy is considered a boss galaxy). It is the final galaxy in World 6. To unlock this galaxy, one must get 70 Power Stars, including one from either the Battle Belt Galaxy or the Slimy Spring Galaxy. This galaxy's emblem is a castle on a giant stone version of Bowser's head, which can be his own spaceship version of Starship Mario, as shown in the picture above. Anyway, this galaxy features many elements in the game, such as traveling on Snake Blocks and drilling. Yoshi is found in this galaxy and is needed to by pass certain obstacles, however, he cannot be used in the final battle with Giant Bowser. Many obstacles are in this galaxy such as LavaVentsElectric FencesFire ShootersBill Blasters and more. This galaxy also features a number of enemies that try to stop Mario/Luigi from safely reaching Bowser's door. Power-ups found here include Cloud FlowersBlimp FruitsSpin Drills and Dash Peppers. The galaxy's Prankster Comet is the Speedy Comet. The player must simply make it to the end of the Large Door Planet within a time limit to be awarded with a Power Star. There are + Clocks along the way, which will increase time when collected. Bowser is not fought during this Speedy Comet mission. 


Starting Planet

Life Shroom Poll

Mario climbs a pole to reach a Life Mushroom on the Starting Planet.

This is a small planet with floors that resemble the ones found in the previous two Bowser galaxies. Once Mario/Luigi lands here, a Luma will lead them down a path and change into a Launch Star. If Mario/Luigi chooses another route, he can climb a pole with a Life Mushroom up top of it. Strangely, the Large Door Planet is almost directly beneath this planet, however, it is still a long way to get there. 

Platform Planet

Bowser's Galaxy Generator Platform Planet

Mario approaches three Hammer Bros. on the Platform Planet.

This is a small rock-topped platform occupied by three Hammer Bros. The player must defeat them to reveal a Floaty Fluff that can be used to sail down to the bottom of the Volcanic Planet, which is the next planet. During the Speedy Comet mission, these Hammer Bros. are replaced with two Boomerang Bros. Another way to get down the Volcanic Planet is to touch a wall of Lava and maneuver to the bottom of the planet, though this sounds much more dangerous than the previous. The Platform Planet is separate from the Volcanic Planet. 

Volcanic Planet


Mario takes a Floaty Fluff to slowly float down to the bottom of the Volcanic Planet.

This planet is made up of a large lake of lava that is filled with Lava Geysers and surrounded by walls of Lava. Fire Shooters fire Fireballs upwards (the complete opposite of them in the prequel. Here, Mario/Luigi can simply float down to the bottom of planet via the Floaty Fluff on the Platform Planet or touch one of the lava walls and use his momentum to avoid the obstacles until he reaches the bottom of the planet. Here, there is a Spin Drill and a dirt path that Mario can use to dig out of the planet. 

Banzai Bill Planet


Mario carries a Spin Drill to a dirt portion of the floor while a Banzai Bill is being fired from a Banzai Bill Blaster, as shown here. Some Electric Fences and the Lava Castle Planet can be seen in the background.

This is a cylindrical planet surrounded by Lava. Several Banzai Bill Blasters are here, which will fire Banzai Bills, who will block this narrow path. The Spin Drill can be used to dig through the dirt here while avoiding the Banzai Bills, Electric Fences and Lava. There is a Launch Star at the end that will take the player to the Lava Castle Planet. During the Speedy Comet mission, the Banzai Bills are absent and are replaced with Octoombas

Lava Castle Planet


Mario uses a Cloud Flower to climb the Lava Castle Planet while avoiding a Bullet Bill.

This planet is a cylindrical-shaped sidescroller and has several platforms that spin around. It must be climbed using Cloud Flowers while avoiding the Bullet Bills that also spawn here. There is Lava at the top and bottom of this cylindrical-shaped planet. At the end is a Launch Star that will blast Mario/Luigi to the Yoshi Bridge Planet. There is a glitch that allows the player to infinitely circle this planet. The Bullet Bills here are absent during the Speedy Comet mission. 

Yoshi Bridge Planet


Cloud Mario runs on the wooden bridge on the Yoshi Bridge Planet.

This is a planet made mostly of a wooden bridge where a Magikoopa and some Coins can be found. There is also a platform that tilts with Mario's/Luigi's current position on it. A Yoshi Egg is found on the right side of this planet. When freed, Yoshi can be used to swing on the Flower Grapples on the left side of the planet to reach the Yoshi Magma Planet. 

Yoshi Magma Planet

Lava Yoshi Swing

Yoshi and Mario jump onto a platform on the Yoshi Magma Planet. A Boomerang Bro. can be seen in the distance.

This is a big long planet covered in Lava. If Yoshi goes forward and swings to the left, he can reach a 1-Up Mushroom. There is a platform with a Boomerang Bro. on it. From here, Yoshi can Flutter Jump so high that he can reach the Lava Castle Planet, causing him to orbit that planet infinitely. Anyway, Yoshi and Mario/Luigi must navigate some sinking platforms to reach the left side of the planet. On the left side of the planet are three Boomerang Bros. and several Lava Geysers. After defeating the Boomerang Bros., two walls open briefly. After eating a Dash Pepper, Yoshi can rush through a long section before these walls close and crush the two. After using a Sling Star, Yoshi and Mario/Luigi will reach a chain of Snake Blocks which they must follow. Here, the two must dodge Lava Geysers, Firebars and Magmaarghs. At the end is a Comet Medal and a Blimp Fruit, the latter must be collected to avoid being bitten by a Magmaargh. Yoshi is also needed in order to collect the Comet Medal. 

Large Door Planet


Mario jumps toward a Meteorite on the Large Door Planet.

This is a castle-like planet with a few Lumas, and a large menacing Gray Bowser Statue (larger than the ones appearing in Bowser's Lava Lair and the ones in Super Mario Galaxy), which, despite its menacing look, is harmless to the player. Here, Mario/Luigi must dismount Yoshi and climb a pole. On the top of this planet, there is another pole with a Life Mushroom above it on the left. Meteorites appear in the center, which Mario/Luigi must Ground Pound to send them into the large locks covering Bowser's giant door. When all three locks are destroyed, the door opens and a force sends Mario/Luigi to the Throne Planets. 

Throne Planets

Bowser's Galaxy Generator Throne Planets

Mario stands on one of the Throne Planets while Giant Bowser sits on his Throne Planet.

This is a small planet shaped slightly like a star. There is another planet shaped like Giant Bowser's throne. He is found sitting here and tells Mario/Luigi to give up before the two are taken to the Bowser Battle Planet for the battle. 

Bowser Battle Planet


Bowser punches his fist into the Bowser Battle Planet, causing purple shockwaves to appear. Mario can be seen in a safe spot however.

This planet is identical to the ones from the other two Bowser galaxies, as it is small and is made of black bricks. There are stones here that can be destroyed for one Coin. 

Garden Planet

Bowser's Galaxy Generator Garden Planet

Mario is about to claim his final Grand Star on the Garden Planet.

After Mario defeats Bowser during the second half of the battle, he is taken to this planet, where Peach arrives. This planet is a small garden planet with flowers, a little pond and dirt. There are some Star Bits on the bottom of this planet. The Grand Star is also found on this planet. This planet is similar to one of the planets in the Gusty Garden Galaxy in the prequel due to the flowers and grass on the top and dirt on the bottom. 


Bowser's Fortified Fortress

Galaxysmall 3899

Mario battles Bowser during Bowser's Fortified Fortress.

Mario/Luigi will land on the Starting Planet. He must follow a Luma who will transform into a Launch Star at the end. This Launch Star will take the player to the Platform Planet. Here, Mario/Luigi must defeat three Hammer Bros. After they are defeated, a Floaty Fluff will appear, which can be used to slowly float down to a dirt patch at the bottom of the Volcanic Planet. However, the Floaty Fluff can be avoided and Mario/Luigi could touch a Lava wall and use their momentum to float down to the bottom. Regardless of which way is taken down, Mario/Luigi must avoid Fireballs being fired from Fire Shooters. At the dirt patch on this planet, Mario/Luigi can use the nearby Spin Drill to dig their way to the Banzai Bill Planet. Still holding the Spin Drill, Mario/Luigi must make his way through this planet while avoiding the Banzai Bills that are shot from the Banzai Bill Blasters here. Mario/Luigi must find another patch of dirt, which will lead them to the Launch Star to the Lava Castle Planet. Here, Mario/Luigi must use the Cloud Flower to work his way through the planet, while dodging numerous Bullet Bills that spawn here. They will soon come across a Launch Star that will take them to the Yoshi Bridge Planet. Mario/Luigi must free Yoshi from his Yoshi Egg and use his tongue to reach the Flower Grapples to swing to the Yoshi Magma Planet. After defeating some Boomerang Bros. here, a large wall will open up revealing a Dash Pepper. Yoshi and Mario/Luigi can then use the Dash Pepper to speed through the walls before the close on them. After avoiding some Magmaarghs, Yoshi and Mario/Luigi must follow some Snake Blocks while avoiding some Lava Geysers and Magmaarghs. Yoshi must then use a Blimp Fruit to avoid being bitten by a final Magmaargh next to the Comet Medal. After this, the two are soon taken to the end of this planet where they will reach the Large Door Planet. Here, Mario/Luigi must dismount Yoshi and climb the pole up to the top. Here, there is a Life Mushroom on top of the pole on the left. Anyway, Mario/Luigi must Ground Pound some Meteorites into the three large stone locks on Bowser's giant door. Once all three locks are destroyed, the door opens and force will take Mario/Luigi to one of the Throne Planets. Giant Bowser is awaiting here on his Throne Planet and tells Mario/Luigi to give up before the two are taken to the Bowser Battle Planet for the battle. Here, to defeat Giant Bowser, Mario must Ground Pound Meteorites into Giant Bowser four times. A Meteorite becomes available for use each time Giant Bowser punches the planet, which must be used to the player's advantage. However, Giant Bowser has new powers. He can create more shockwaves with his punches, which travel in different directions, as well as his fire breathing can create a trail of fire that stays on the planet for a longer time. When Giant Bowser is hit four times, he is defeated and the Grand Star appears on the Large Door Planet. BUT!!! As soon as the player nears the Grand Star, Giant Bowser appears again and takes the Grand Star back in his mouth. He grows even larger in size and the two are taken into a type of Space with a lavender-like background. Here, Mario must quickly Ground Pound Meteorites into Giant Bowser four more times. However, Giant Bowser will often near the Meteorites the player is on and either destroy them with a Spin attack or by punching them. This attack will damage the player, so he must watch out. Once Giant Bowser is defeated, he talks about his powers being gone before falling into a Black Hole. Mario/Luigi is then taken to the Garden Planet where they are reunited with Peach. The sixth and final Grand Star is theirs to collect and the special world known as World S is unlocked. The ending sequence and ending credits will appear after the Grand Star is collected. If this galaxy is replayed with all 120 Green Power Stars a secret ending will appear. 


Planets Visited

  • Starting Planet
  • Platform Planet
  • Volcanic Planet
  • Banzai Bill Planet
  • Lava Castle Planet
  • Yoshi Bridge Planet
  • Yoshi Magma Planet
  • Large Door Planet
  • Throne Planets
  • Bowser Battle Planet
  • Garden Planet

Bowser's Big Bad Speed Run

Galaxysmall 3965

Mario takes a Floaty Fluff down to the bottom of the Volcanic Planet during Bowser's Big Bad Speed Run.

This mission is unlocked once the galaxy's Comet Medal is collected in the first mission. This causes a Speedy Comet to orbit the galaxy on the map. At the beginning of the level, the player has thirty seconds to complete the level, which, obviously is impossible to complete without collected + Clocks along the way, which increase time by 10 seconds each when collected. The checkpoint in this galaxy is the only checkpoint found in a Speedy Comet mission. Mario/Luigi must make their way to the end of the Large Door Planet in time to receive this Power Star


Planets Visited

  • Starting Planet
  • Platform Planet
  • Volcanic Planet
  • Banzai Bill Planet
  • Lava Castle Planet
  • Yoshi Bridge Planet
  • Yoshi Magma Planet
  • Large Door Planet

Green Star 1

Galaxysmall 5373

Mario uses a Floaty Fluff to float down to the first Green Power Star in the galaxy, which is located within the Volcanic Planet.

The player must redo "Bowser's Fortified Fortress". The first Green Power Star of this galaxy is located within the Volcanic Planet. Mario/Luigi can use a Floaty Fluff to reach the Green Power Star located near the lava wall on the right before they reach the platform with the Spin Drill and dirt patch.


Planets Visited

  • Starting Planet
  • Platform Planet
  • Volcanic Planet

Green Star 2

Galaxysmall 5382

Cloud Mario Long Jumps to the second Green Power Star in the galaxy.

The player should redo "Bowser's Fortified Fortress". This Green Power Star is located far ahead of the tilting platform where Yoshi's Yoshi Egg is located (on the Yoshi Bridge Planet). There are multiple ways to reach this star. The easiest way to get the star is to jump on Yoshi, jump toward the Star, Flutter Jump, dismount him, and Spin to reach the star. Another way to reach it is by using the Cloud Flower. The player should Long-Jump, make a cloud using the Cloud Flower, and then Long-Jump again. The final way is to defeat the Boomerang Bros. on the Yoshi Magma Planet. They can then get the Dash Pepper using Yoshi and go back to where the Green Power Star is. They can then jump, Flutter Jump, and then dismount him to get the Star. 


Planets Visited

  • Starting Planet
  • Platform Planet
  • Volcanic Planet
  • Banzai Bill Planet
  • Lava Castle Planet
  • Yoshi Bridge Planet
  • Yoshi Magma Planet (if Plan 3 is used)


  • When Yoshi is dismounted on the Large Door Planet, he waves goodbye to Mario or Luigi. This is the only time in the game that he does this. 
  • The galaxy's music during the boss battle is the same as it was on the first two planets during the boss battle in the prequel


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