Bubble Blast Galaxy-1-

The first half of the Bubble Blast Galaxy.

The Bubble Blast Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. It is one of the trial galaxies, along with the Loopdeeswoop Galaxy and Rolling Gizmo Galaxy. The galaxy is a large maze made of electric barriers floating in space. Because there is little solid ground, Mario/Luigi must traverse the galaxy using Bubble Blowing, Sling Stars, Launch Stars and Warp Pipes. There is a large Black Hole in the middle of galaxy, killing Mario/Luigi if he falls.


Half 1


Mario in Half 1.

This is a large area with electric barriers and Amps throughout the area. This area has five parts; one with a yellow Star Chip that must be collected. Mario must avoid hitting electric barriers and other obstacles while floating in a Bubble and trying to collect Star Chips and 1-Up Mushrooms. There is a yellow, star-shaped platform in the center of the area, each point having a Warp Pipe that sends Mario to one of the five areas.

Half 2


Mario in Half 2.

This half is similar to Half 1, but Mario must float through the maze avoiding electric barriers and Bullet Bills. The Bullet Bills will chase Mario throughout the galaxy until they collide into something.

Rock and Sand Planets

Dual planets-1-

The Rock and Sand Planets.

These planets are two inaccessible planets that float above the galaxy. Mario comes in contact with the Rock Planet when he flies into one of the ice crystals while traveling to Half 2.


The Electric Labyrinth


Mario near the Power Star of "The Electric Labyrinth".

Mario/Luigi starts off on the central platform shaped like a star. Mario/Luigi has to use the Warp Pipes to get to different parts of Half 1 and collect the Star Chips there using Bubble Blowing. This will make a Launch Star appear. In Half 2, Mario must make his way to the Power Star while avoiding Bullet Bills. Once he collects the Power Star, the level and galaxy is complete.


Planets Visited

  • Half 1
  • Half 2

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