Bubble Blowing-1-

Bubble Blowing.

Bubble Blowing is a minigame in Super Mario Galaxy. It is one of the four minigames, along with Bob-omb Blasting, Ray Surfing, and Rolling Ball. Bubble Blowing appears in the Bubble Breeze Galaxy and Bubble Blast Galaxy. In this minigame, Mario is stuck in a Bubble. The player must use the Wii Remote to move and control Mario. It is said that the Star Cursor acts as wind to move the Bubble. Bubble Blowing takes place over a substance that makes Mario lose a life (this time not a Black Hole). If Mario pops the Bubble by crashing into something he will fall and lose a life. Bubble Blowing has a small part in the Golden Leaf Galaxy's Bell on the big tree where all the Rainbow Notes must be collected around the tree. Unlike the other galaxies, you won't lose a life if you fall.

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