Bubble Breeze Galaxy-1-

The Bubble Breeze Galaxy.

The Bubble Breeze Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. It is a small galaxy with a large swamp filled with poisonous water, a few islands, a few large fans, and some Toads. This galaxy features the minigame Bubble Blowing. To unlock this galaxy get 19 Power Stars.


Starting Planet-

This planet is the only planet in this entire galaxy. It is a large swamp with poisonous water, a few landmasses, Star Bits, Coins, Bubble Blowers, and a Power Star at the end of it. The poison water instantly kills Mario if he touches it. This is why Mario must travel in a Bubble. The only species in the galaxy are the Toads, so that means there are no enemies in the entire game. Still, just because there are no enemies, doesn't mean it's easy, because if the Bubble is popped, you fall into that poison water and die.


Through the Poison Swamp


Mario in a Bubble near an ? Coin of the Bubble Breeze Galaxy.

There are two areas in the swamp. The first area has several Mines, and Mario must use a Bubble to get around and collect Star Chips. This creates a Launch Star when all are collected. The dangers in this area are Mines, and at the end they are moving. There are also fans that blow the bubble in the direction their blowing. The Launch Star blasts Mario to another part of the Starting Planet where there are doors that open when Mario nears them, and spinning pieces of wood in addition to Mines and fans. Passing this area will lead Mario to a small platform of earth in the poison bottom so that he can land and get the Power Star. The Power Star, however, is encircled by Mines. An easier way to do this is to blow up the Mines by shooting Star Bits from the Star Cursor at them.


Planets Visited

  • Starting Planet

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