A Bucculus is an enemy in The Subspace Emissary.

A Bucculus with its lips in the ground.

It at first looks like a pair of spiky lips in the ground. Come too close and those lips pop out of the ground and kiss you. The kiss adds poison in it adding damage as it kisses you.The spikes hold it on to you as you take damage. You can force it off of you. Defeated Bucculuses give you Maxim Tomatoes (if poison sack is full). The strawberry-like pouch attached to it is filled with poison. Bucculuses appear in The Lake, The Forest, The Lake Shore, The Cave, The Wilds 2, The Glacial Peak, Subspace 2, and The Wilds, and The Swamp parts of The Great Maze. Bucculuses are some of the weakest enemies in the game! That's on easy, however. The weakest are Mites. A Bucculus can be defeated with a few standard attacks (on easy). A Mite can be defeated with two standard hits. A Bucculus, after it kisses you, bounces around and digs back into the ground. When it is out of the ground, throw the trophy stand. It can dodge it so be very careful.


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