Brawlemissary buckot-1-

A Buckot when it hasn't spotted the player.

Brawlemissary buckot2-1-

A Buckot about to drop its hot, metal chunks.


A Buckot dropping hot chunks.

A Buckot is an enemy in The Subspace Emissary. They carry a bucket filled with lots of hot, metal chunks. They have thick oven gloves and a propeller. They have the eyes of the Primid however, their eyes don't change when the game is loaded. Buckots appear in The Ruined Zoo, The Battlefield Fortress, The Wilds, Research Facility 2, Battleship Halberd Interior, Battleship Halberd Exterior, Subspace Bomb Factory 2, and the Forest, and Ruined Zoo parts of The Great Maze.They drop the metal chunks on players. Like a Puppit, Armight, Armank, Greap, Floow, Shaydas, Roader, Primid, etc, they follow players everywhere possible, but unlike the Armight and Puppit , they can be easily escaped. Buckots are low health enemies and can be captured by just throwing the trophy stand even on intense.

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