Bugaboom chasing Mario.


Bugaboom flying.


Bugaboom in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Bugaboom is a boss in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. He is the leader of the Mandibug crew. In Super Mario Galaxy, he appears in the Honeyhive Galaxy; his soldiers attacking the Kingdom. Bugaboom is a huge, green Mandibug, with six legs and angry eyes. Unlike other Mandibugs, Bugaboom's body is flat, not round. He attempts to consume the player with his retractable mandibles. However, after attacking him once, he starts uses his wings to start flying rapidly around his planet. He will drop explosives from his underside. Bugaboom is best described as a beetle, with a green, solid shell. He has marking of blast (similar to the marking on the Ground Pound Switch). His mandibles look like an ant's pincher. Bugaboom's eyes look hypnotic, probably meaning he is not the one who planned the Mandibug attack, but may just be interested into assaulting Mario. In Super Mario Galaxy, the battle practices one of Mario's moves, the Ground Pound. The planet Mario and Bugaboom fight on has dandelion stalks, a Bee Mushroom and some water. There is also a Black Hole under it. To defeat Bugaboom, Mario must ground pound Bugaboom's back three times. The first time, Bugaboom charges at Mario when he sees him. Mario must jump and fly over him and Ground Pound his back. The second time, Bugaboom rises in the air and starts to fly. Mario must fly or cling onto a dandelion stalk. The third time, Bugaboom turns red and go on his side while flying, so that Mario will not be able to jump on him. The player must Ground Pound him when Bugaboom is not on his side. Bugaboom will fire bombs from his stomach. Bugaboom appears in the Puzzle Plank Galaxy of Super Mario Galaxy 2. His battle tactics are the same, but Mario must become Cloud Mario (with the use of a Cloud Flower) instead of becoming Bee Mario, to defeat Bugaboom.

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