This is a picture of a Bulby out of the ground in Cookie Country of Kirby's Return to Dream Land.

Bulbies are enemies in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. They are brown, bulb-shaped creatures with a pink, daisy-like flower on their head. The daisy-like flower has a yellow center and two green leaves on its thin stem. Bulbies have two black, dot-like eyes. These enemies are quite common. They appear in levels such as Cookie CountryOnion Ocean and White Wafers. Much like another enemy, Clayn, Bulbies stay buried in the ground, disguising themselves as flowers. However, when Kirby and his buddies (Meta KnightKing DededeBandana Waddle Dee) near the Bulby's spot, it will jump out of the ground. When the Bulby jumps out of the ground, it will attempt to hop after the heroes and try to hit them. Any hero who touches the hopping Bulby will take damage. Bulbies can be defeated. If Kirby Inhales a Bulby after it is out of the ground, he will receive the Leaf Copy Ability. Bulbies and Leafans look a bit alike and they both grant the Leaf Copy Ability if they are Inhaled by Kirby. 

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