This is a picture of a Buttonbee in Kirby's Epic Yarn.

Buttonbees are enemies in Kirby's Epic Yarn. They are yellow bees who have two tiny transparent wings, two small, black antennae and two black eyes on their bodies (their eyes may be markings). Buttonbees also have a sharp stinger, which looks like the spike of a Soocher, another enemy in the game. Buttonbees are first encountered in Flower Fields and then appear in many other levels, especially those featuring the Spin Boarder transformation. They appear often with Buttonflies. Buttonbees are also summoned during the battle with Yin-Yarn, the final boss of the game, along with Bow Waddle Dees. An infinite number of Buttonbees are known to come out of hives too. Buttonbees attack by trying to sting Kirby and Prince Fluff with their stinger. When a Buttonbee spots the heroes, it will lock onto them and attempt to hit them with their stinger. Buttonbees can only attack in a straight line however. These enemies can be wrapped up into a yarn ball and thrown to become three separate yarn balls homing in on enemies. It is to note that Buttonbees are middle enemy in aggressive behavior. They are more aggressive than Buttonflies, but less aggressive than Buttonbugs.


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