This is a picture of a Buttonbug in Kirby's Epic Yarn.

Buttonbugs are enemies in Kirby's Epic Yarn. They are red insects with two transparent wings, two small black antennae and black eyes (or markings) on their skin. They also have a sharp stinger, which resembles the spike of a Soocher, another enemy in the game. These enemies are rare; they only appear in the Secret Island level of Water Land. Buttonbugs are the most aggressive enemies of their group. This means they are more aggressive in attacking than both Buttonflies and Buttonbees. These enemies will chase Kirby and Prince Fluff until it hits one of them. If it succeeds in hitting them, Kirby/Prince Fluff will take damage and lose Beads. Buttonbugs can be wrapped up into a yarn ball. If they are tossed, they become three projectiles that home in on enemies. 

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