This is a picture of a Candlemander in Kirby's Epic Yarn.

Candlemanders are enemies in Kirby's Epic Yarn. They are red lizards, with a blue eye and a yellow flame inside them. They greatly resemble and behave like the Salamanders in ancient times. These enemies are quite common. They first appear in Mole Hole of Grass Land, but can also be found in Cool Cave and Dino Jungle of Hot Land. They usually appear in levels requiring the Digger form. Candlemanders attack Kirby and Prince Fluff by transforming into a fireball when the heroes near them. As a fireball, these enemies are invincible. If the heroes touch a Candlemander while it is a fireball, they will take damage and lose Beads. These enemies can be wrapped into a yarn ball and thrown. They can also be defeated if Kirby and Prince Fluff attacks them in Digger form. It is to note that Candlemander's name is a combination of "candle" and "salamander".  

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