MP8 CandyShop-1-

Luigi approaching a Candy Shop.

Candy Shops are stores that are found throughout boards in Mario Party 8. Players can purchase Candies here. If a player has at least five Coins, they are allowed to enter the Candy Shop. Candy Shops are always run by the residents of the board. For example, Piantas run Candy Shops in Goomba's Booty Boardwalk, while Shy Guys run Candy Shops in Shy Guy's Perplex Express. Inside a Candy Shop are three Candies the player can choose from. On a few occasions there a two or even all three Candies are identical. Candies usually cost between five to twenty Coins, and are sold at fixed prices. However, every once in a while, Candies are on a discounted price. Usually the Twice Candy is sold in Candy Shops. In certain occasions, however, the shop sells a variety of Candies such as the Thrice Candy, Duelo Candy and Bowlo Candy. However, the Candy Shop does not include some types of Candies. It depends on the board you are on.

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