This is a picture of a Cannon Soldier in Kirby's Epic Yarn.

Cannon Soldiers are enemies in Kirby's Epic Yarn. They are one of the four soldier enemies in the game; the others being Sword SoldiersSpear Soldiers and Whistle Soldiers. Cannon Soldiers are the oddest-looking of all three Soldiers. This is because Cannon Soldiers wield a cannon for a head. Cannon Soldiers are red and black in color, have a black cannon head, a red and black eye, and a black smile. They first appear in Toy Tracks of Treat Land, then later in Melody Town of Treat Land and Stellar Way of Space Land. When Cannon Soldiers spot Kirby or Prince Fluff, they will turn their head sideways and fire a spiky projectile at them. These spiky projectiles will damage Kirby or Prince Fluff if they come in contact with them. The heroes will also lose Beads if they touch a Cannon Soldier's spiky projectile. These enemies can be defeated, as well as wrapped into a yarn ball. A Cannon Mariner is the rarer, aquatic version of a Cannon Soldier. 


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