A Cataquack.

800px-SMG Cataquacks-1-

Some Cataquacks in Super Mario Galaxy.

Cataquacks are enemies in Super Mario Galaxy and obstacles in Mario Kart Wii. They are duck-like creatures with a yellow and green spot on their sides. They can be blue, red, green, or purple. In Super Mario Galaxy they are enemies that act like Sling Stars or Galactic Tornadoes. Mario/Luigi can use them to fling to high places. Only the blue Cataquacks are in this game. They appear in the Gold Leaf Galaxy and Beach Bowl Galaxy. Bees keep them as pets. Cataquacks can only be defeated if you lure them into water, and they will vanish. They will reappear shortly, however. It is possible to Spin the Cataquack's tail, but that only knocks it out for a few seconds. Cataquacks are easy angered creatures, that run after you and fling you in the air. Cataquacks, however, are harmless to the player, but you must watch where the Cataquack flings you or you will land in your doom which could be a Black Hole or Space. In Mario Kart Wii, Cataquacks are hazards in the course, Peach Beach. There are blue, red, purple, and green Cataquacks on this course, but they behave the same way they usually do. They will chase a Kart or Bike, and fling them into the air. That will flip you over, and you will lose items and your position. Cataquacks, however, can be knocked over with a Red Shell, Green Shell, Star, Lightning, or probably a Spiny Shell's explosion.


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