Celebi, as it appears over the Battlefield stage (most likely) in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Celebi is a type of Pokemon that comes out of a Poke Ball in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It is a very rare Pokemon to come out of a Poke Ball, in fact it, along with Mew and Jirachi, are the rarest Pokemon to come out of a Poke Ball in the whole game. When Celebi appears, it uses Fly. This is not an attack. So, when Celebi appears, it appears with a whole bunch of sparkly stars surrounding and flies upward until it disappears. BUT!!! As Celebi flies and disappears, a whole rain of Trophies fall onto the stage. Don't think this is an actual rain of like 100 trophies at once. Celebi drops probably about 5 or 6 Trophies onto the ground. It is unknown if these are rare Trophies that the Pokemon drops. Because Celebi's rain of Trophies can fall on several different parts, it is best to try and release Celebi in the middle of the stage or somewhere that is not around many gaps, for its Trophies can end up falling into the gaps. Because Celebi, along with Jirachi and Mew, is so rare, players will get a notice when they first encounter it: "You've encountered Celebi for the first time. It's a rare event indeed". Celebi appears at a rate of 1/493, which is the total number of Pokemon in Diamond and Pearl, including Arceus, who hasn't even been revealed when SSBB was released. As with many other rare Pokemon, there is an easy way to encounter it. If the player goes to Brawl mode, sets it to a long stock (50-99 lives is good) or time (60:00-99:00 is good) match, chooses a character and an opponent (s), sets the items to be only Poke Balls and Containers (Crates, Barrels, Capsules, and Party Balls) that appear, sets all items to appear on high (on high, items appear very often; this switch can be found in the Item Switch part of the Rules), and chooses a small, flat stage such as Yoshi's Island (Melee stage), or Pokemon Stadium (Melee stage), they can use the many Poke Balls that appear. Hopefully, Celebi will appear during the long fight. If not, players can always repeat this process, and hopefully Celebi appears at least once in one of those long brawls. Celebi also has its own Trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Celebi's Trophy in SSBB

Celebi - Brawl Trophy

Celebi's Trophy, as shown here in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

A Time Travel Pokemon. Celebi can travel throughout time and inhabit multiple places simultaneously. It is said that it appears only during times of peace, greeted by a flourishing grass and trees. Two turns after Celebi uses its Future Sight move, the foe is bombarded with psychic energy. This proves to have a devastating impact on any Pokemon.


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