Chain Chomp Roulette-1-

The Chain Chomp Wheel.

The Chain Chomp Wheel, also known as the Chain Chomp Roulette, is a Battle Course in Mario Kart Wii. It is a giant roulette table that spins continuosly. One giant Star centers the table. A large incoming Chain Chomp rolling around, squashing any players in its path. The Chomp appears on the map, so it can be easily avoided. Strangely, this Battle Course is located underwater! A large Unagi and Cheep-Cheeps can be seen swimming outside, by looking out the windows on the walls of the wheel. Like with Funky Stadium, players start out of the map, but when the race starts they are sent into the wheel by a ramp. Item Boxes and Boost Pads are present in this course. Some of the Boost Pads are on the walls, others in the center of the roulette.


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