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A Chance Cube

Chance Cubes are items in Super Mario Galaxy 2. They are found on numerous levels and one on Starship Mario. They have two pictures or a 1up Mushroom, Coin, or an emblem of Bowser's face. It floats in place when stationary. When Mario does a Star Spin, the Chance Cube will fly back and land on the ground. Whatever face is facing up to the sky, Mario will get. If a 1up Mushroom, is shown Mario will earn a 1up Mushroom. If a Coin is face up, Mario will earn coins. If a Star Bit is shown, Mario will earn a Star Bit. If an emblem of Bowser's face is shown, Mario will have to battle an enemy. It is usually a Goomba that he must face.


  • Rolling into one as Rock Mario, along with shooting one with a Star Bit, will also activate it.
  • Using Star bits to activate the chance cubes won't work on the PAL versions.
  • Riding Yoshi and doing a spin attack with his head, will also activate the chance cube.
  • With a second player's help, by pointing at a chance cube with the cursor and shaking it, The red luma controlled by the second player, will spin the chance cube, which is another way that will also activate it.
  • When activating the first one inside Starship Mario, spinning right as it spawns seems to better the chances of getting five 1-Up Mushrooms.
  • When rolled, the player will hear a snare drum roll, ended by a cymbal crash once it has landed on an image. The longer it takes for the picture to reveal (an example such as when it's rolling down a big hill), the longer the snare drum roll sound will be, and later the Cymbal crash is heard. But the faster it reveals, the shorter the sound, and the sooner the Cymbal crash sound is heard. Sometimes a few snare drum beats can be heard when spinning muitiple chance cubes, during the drum roll sound.
  • The Chance Cubes that are in Airship Mario don't have Bowser emblems, so enemies can't appear. Coin icons also don't appear on Airship Mario either, so Coins can't be collected.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ダイス
Spanish (NOA) Dado del azar Lucky Dice
French (NOA) Dé chanceux Lucky Dice
German Glückskubus Happiness Cube
Italian Dado Destino Dice of Destiny
Chinese 骰子 (Traditional)
Transliteration of the Japanese name

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