A Cheep-Chomp about to eat Ice Mario.

Newsmb 1629-1-

A Cheep-Chomp in World 9-2.

Cheep-Chomps are enemies in New Super Mario Bros.Wii. They are a sub-species of Cheep-Cheeps, They are extremely large Cheep-Cheeps that are purple with a green dorsal and tail fin. These fish have extremely large mouths. Cheep-Chomps appear in a bonus area of World 4-4 located shortly after passing the Midway Point under a brick area; take the Warp Pipe to reach there. It also appears in a bonus area of World 9-2. When the player gets close, the Cheep-Chomp will open its mouth, chase the player, and attempt to eat the player. If it eats the player, the player loses a life instantly. A Fireball or Starman takes this big fish down for good. However, the Cheep-Chomp is invincible to ice balls. Once this enemy is defeated, it releases three 1-Up Mushrooms.

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